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What does it mean for you to "thrive" where you live?

Designed to Start a Conversation


The Grand Rapids Savvy Senior Learning Series is designed to start a conversation with mature adults and their families about how to thrive where they live.  Each month, I will gather local experts to address topics related to safe and healthy senior living .  We will share ideas and organizations that  can help adults who choose to age in place, as well as exploring options for those inspired

 to make a change. 

Dealing with stuff: Emotional & Physical


Choosing to move from a home of many years is not just a physical task, it is an emotional one as well.  One of the biggest factors for senior citizens not wanting to move is simply about being overwhelmed with the whole process.  Our senior learning series seeks to teach seniors and their families about the many free resources and paid options available to help them start the downsizing process long before they intend to move. 

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Staying Healthy means staying in control


As people age, staying healthy can become a full time job.  The old saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" has never been truer.  Whether it is finding safe ways to exorcise, learning  about smart home modifications, or lively senior groups to engage with, staying healthy is a huge part of remaining in control of how and where you live.   Join our senior learning series to hear ideas and free resources to assist senior citizens to continue to remain healthy and independent. 

How much does my home really cost me?


Maybe your home has been paid off for years and moving seems financially irresponsible.  Are you a senior citizen now paying professionals to do the things you used to do?  Think about property taxes, utilities, and deferred repairs that may be looming.  Even things like the emotional cost of close neighbors who are no longer there to assist should be considered when evaluating the true cost of staying put. Our senior learning series will assist you in navigating those questions and making an informed choice. 

Am I prepared if something breaks?


Grand Rapids has some great free resources and low cost options for home repairs and modifications if you know who to call.  Are you a senior citizen interested in learning how to do certain things yourself, or even how to find an honest contractor?  Our senior learning series will help you discover the right questions to ask when hiring someone yourself,  and resources available to help you navigate repairs.  Learn where to start- even on a fixed income.  

I think I might like a community.


Are you thinking about making a move but don't know where to start?   One thing is for certain, today's senior living choices offer a variety of options.  Whether you are looking at a individual home, condo, apartment, or  thinking of investing in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) , knowing the differences and key factors to consider will be crucial to making a choice you will be be happy with for the long haul.  Our senior learning series will provide the tools and free resources to help senior citizens make the decision that is right for them.  

Upcoming events

Senior Living Options -Thurs Sept 12


The stairs are getting harder to navigate,  and working outside is starting to lose its luster.  You think you might be ready to make a change, but where?  Hear about some of the most popular options for Seniors,  and how to start determining your next place to call home.  

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Avoiding Senior Scams -Thurs Oct 10


Whether it's online or in person, seniors can be seen as easy targets for today's modern criminals.  Learn about common scams and ways to outsmart those that seek to take advantage. 


Downsizing, Rightsizing & Simplifying - Friday Nov 15


You've lived where you lived for a long time,  and it's worked well.   You might be preparing to move in the near future, or just wanting a more peaceful space. We will discuss living options, ways to simplify,   and dealing with excess stuff.  Learn tips from the pros on where to begin,  and the resources available. 

Plan ahead! How to afford senior living - Thurs, Jan 9th 2020


Almost no thought can be more daunting than running out of money at a time when you start to need more assistance.  Our experts will talk about the cost of various living options and ways to prepare. 

Understanding Wills, Trusts and Guardianship - Thurs, Feb 13th 2020


Are your accounts in order?  Have you prepared for a time when someone else might be handling your affairs?  What if a parent is no longer capable of self-care but not willing to accept help.  Learn proactive strategies for getting this important category in order, and what to do if you are already in over your head. 

Get to know Continuing Care Retirement Communities - Thurs March 12th, 2020


Life Care Communities, also known as Continuing Care Communities are a fairly new phenomenon.  Learn about what they are, benefits, range of  cost, and more.  I will have representatives from a number of local communities to talk about  how to determine  if a community is the best choice for you. 


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