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Aging in Place -benefits & considerations -Thursday, March 14th, 2019

You love your home and want to stay there indefinitely.  Are you prepared? Have you taken steps to equip yourself and your residence for the long haul?

 Our experts discussed the pro’s and con’s of aging-in-place,  and local organizations available to help. Laura Kelso, Certified Senior Housing Professional hosted an professional panel including representatives from Grand Rapids Disability Advocates, The Northview Senior Center, and Home Repair Services.   We shared effective strategies and resources that assist  older adults who wish to remain in their homes as their needs change.  We also learned about smart home modifications, repair resources, and many local options to help people stay sharp, healthy and happy.  


What to do with a lifetime of Treasures -Thursday, April 18th, 2019


For many years your home provided safety, shelter, and created endless memories. For most of us, that also means we have collected a lifetime of physical items that served us and made us happy along the way.  If some of those items are now weighing you down instead of bringing you joy, this seminar is for you.  Studies have shown that physical clutter can cause psychological symptoms including depression, anxiety, and even physical illness.  

Our panel experts  worked every day helping people deal with both the emotional and physical aspects of clutter. Our panel included a certified organizer and hoarding expert, along with a Senior Move Manager who provided practical strategies for reclaiming your home.   If you want informatiton on former speakers, please see our  Speaker Bios section.  


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